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 Edison Greenways Group

The Route 1 Bike-Ped Project

Helping create transportation alternatives in the Route 1 Corridor.

The Route 1 Corridor in Edison & Woodbridge

As you know, traffic on Route 1 during peak travel times can be horrendous. Thousands of cars jamming the highway. Commuters vying with long distance truckers, and local shoppers for lane space. People changing lanes to get on or get off the highway. Accidents, and repair crews tying up traffic.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is planning to begin a project in 2002 to widen Route 1 with one additional lane in each direction between Green St. in Woodbridge south to Rt. 287. This is known as the Route 1 7L Project.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Opportunities in the Route 1 Corridor

There is a great potential for increasing bicycle/pedestrian opportunities along the Route 1 corridor in the 7L project area.

1.     The “Power Trail”   This multi-use trail would follow the utility corridor on the east side of Route 1 (northbound) from the Middlesex Greenway to Woodbridge Center. This trail would connect shopping areas, neighborhoods, and parks, giving residents a safe place to walk, jog, or bike along the Route 1.

2.     West Side Improvements   Currently on the west side of Route 1 (southbound) in the Menlo Park Terrace neighborhood, there are no safe ways to bike or walk to Roosevelt Park, or to the Menlo Park Mall. Sidewalks are incomplete; road shoulders are not striped for bike lanes. Many things can be done to encourage bicycle/pedestrian improvements here.

3.     Crossing Route 1   There is a need for safe crosswalks, and overpasses so that residents can get across the widened Route 1 to local stores, parks, and schools.

4.     Bicycle Racks   Many schools, businesses & parks don’t have bike racks for people to lock their bikes. A program to acquire, and install bike racks can be started. This would encourage people to use their bikes.

5.     Livable Places   By providing safe bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the Route 1 corridor we can create a more livable attractive community.

There are examples of bicycle pedestrian facilities in the area.


·      The Roosevelt Park Bike Path connects various facilities in the park, separate from car traffic.

·      Metuchen has created a series of hiking trails in Centennial Park on Grove Ave.

·      In Monmouth County there is a 9 mile long bike path called the Henry Hudson Trail, it follows Rt. 36 from Aberdeen to Leonardo.

·      The Middlesex Greenway is a 3.5 mile long rail-to-trail project that would connect Crows Mill Road in Fords, to Middlesex Ave. In Metuchen.

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